Can You Find Out When a Person Was First Friended on Facebook?

by Alan Sembera
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Finding out when you friended someone on Facebook can be useful when taking a stroll down Memory Lane, or in cases where you don't remember friending someone and you're wondering, "Who is this guy?" Using the Friendship feature on your friend's Facebook page, you can find out the month and year you first became friends, along with other information such as posts you’ve exchanged, friends you share and photos you’re both tagged in. You can also find the exact date you became friends by accessing your activity log.

Month and Year

Step 1

Navigate to your friend's Timeline.

Step 2

Click the button with the gear-shaped icon at the top of your friend's Timeline.

Select "See Friendship" to see a friendship page that includes all your Facebook interactions with your friend. The month and year you became friends is listed at the top.

Exact Date

Step 1

Click the "Activity Log" button at the top of your Timeline to see a listing that includes all your Facebook activity since you first created your profile.

Step 2

Click the "More" link on the left side of the page to see more choices, and then click the "Friends" tab. This narrows the list to your friendship requests and acceptances, making it easier to find the right listing.

Scroll down the list to find the date you became friends with a specific person. The list is ordered by date, starting with the most recent activity. If you have many friends and your list is long, you can skip directly to a specific time period by clicking on the year and month in the top-right corner of the page.


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