Can I Have More Than One PayPal Account?

by Cristina Puno

Since its creation in 1998, PayPal has led the way in the industry of online payments. Supporting payments in 24 currencies as of 2010, PayPal has a global reach, making it ideal for use in the worldwide web. Sellers opting to make an online presence often look into to option of accepting PayPal payments and have a lot of questions regarding this payment method. One of the most common include account features and account ownership.

Multiple Account

PayPal offers three types of accounts -- a Personal account, a Premier account and a Business account. According to their user agreement, an individual can hold one Personal account and one Premier or Business account. So in answer to the question above -- yes, you can hold more than one PayPal account. You are however, only limited to two accounts under your name provided one is a Personal PayPal account and the other a Premier or Business one.

Differences Between Accountds

A Personal account is typically used for online shopping and bill payments. You can also use this for accepting personal payments from friends and family, such as payment for shared rent or splitting dinner bills. If your are planning to use PayPal to accept payments for goods and services you sell online, a Premier account is recommended. Premier accounts are for casual sellers, or for non-businesses who wish to receive buyer payments. Business accounts on the other hand, offer more features for large organizations such as allowing access of up to 200 employees as well a PayPal account under a group or company name.

Multiple Emails And Bank Accounts

Although you can only have one Personal and one Premier or Business Account at PayPal, you can add more than one email to your account. In this case, if you are a seller and have multiple sites where you sell products at, you can attach both your and emails to one PayPal account. You can also have more than one bank account or credit card attached to an account. The only limitation is, if the bank account or credit card is already associated to one account, you cannot attach it to a second PayPal account.

Sharing Account

Personal and Premier accounts can only belong to an individual, but you can add joint bank accounts to either PayPal account. It's good to remember though, if you have a shared bank account, only one of you can add it to a PayPal account. If you have a business, Business accounts allow you to share access to more than one person such as an accountant or your business partner. Certain privileges can be set with regards to the level of access for each person.

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