Can I Have More Than One Account?

By Miranda Brookins

Blogger ( is a blog publishing platform that provides businesses, organizations and individuals with a place to share thoughts, ideas, stories, pictures, videos and more online. Blogger users can take advantage of various layout options and assorted templates to customize your blog to fit your personality, the type of information you plan to share and the audience you want to reach. Blogger users are permitted to have more than one blogger account and multiple blogs.

Setting Up a Blogger Account

You need a Google or Gmail account to access Blogger. If you do not have one, click the “Sign up for a new Google Account” text that appears at the top of the Blogger log-in page. When you sign up for a Google account, you need to provide your current email address, select a password, provide your location, gender, birthday and agree to Google’s terms of service. Click “Continue” to begin setting preferences for your blog. If you already have a Google account, simply enter your email address and password on the Blogger homepage.

Using Multiple Blogger Accounts

You can create multiple Blogger accounts; however, each new account has to use a different Google username and password. If you want to operate more than one blog through the Blogger system, you can use your existing username and password to create more than one blog.

Setting Up Additional Blogs

You can set up multiple blogs through your existing Blogger account by going to your Blogger dashboard. Click the text that reads “Create a Blog.” Enter the title of your new blog, create a blog address and select a template. You can manage each of the blogs using the Blogger dashboard feature.

Blogger Profile

Each Blogger account contains one profile that is visible with each blog listed under the account. If you want to use a different profile, consider setting up a separate Blogger account rather than simply adding a new blog to your existing Blogger account. You can hide your profile from appearing with your blogs by logging into your Blogger account and selecting the "Edit Profile" option in your dashboard. Uncheck "Share my profile" to make it invisible to the people who visit your blog.

Benefits of Multiple Blogs

Setting up multiple blogs on Blogger may require extra time and content, but it can be beneficial for some users. If you want to operate a blog for business reasons, such as your graphic design business, but you'd also like a personal blog to share your daily thoughts, consider setting up multiple blogs on Blogger. Any Blogger users who want to discuss more than one topic can set up another blog specifically for that topic.