Can You View the Number of Times People See Your Video on Facebook?

By Aaron Charles

Facebook's Page Insights also measures page views and number of "likes."
i Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook is divided into two major parts -- the personal side and the business side, with each having different features and capabilities. For example, as of June 2013, the personal side doesn't yet have a function with which you can see how many times people viewed any videos you post. Business users, however, can review detailed diagnostic reports regarding page statistics, including the number of views a video receives.


Getting info about your video's viewers depends on where you posted the video -- on your Facebook profile or on a Facebook page. A Facebook profile is your personal account opened when you first start with Facebook. With a personal account, you can also open a Facebook page geared toward promoting a business, personality or brand. You cannot create a Facebook page without a Facebook personal profile.


Facebook wants you to use your personal profile for personal use, such as connecting with friends and family, playing games and sharing photos or videos. Any videos you post on your profile's timeline cannot be tracked in any way. Facebook clearly states on its website that currently it's not possible to know -- from your point of view -- how many views each personal video you post gets.


Facebook provides a feature called Page Insights for page users. This tool gives you a report about how engaged visitors are on your Facebook page. A part of this report is data about how many have played your page's videos. In Facebook lingo, each video view counts as a form of "engagement" with your page visitors. To read your page's engagement statistics, click on the gear icon on your page and select "View Insights."


Although currently Facebook doesn't allow you to see your video views on your personal profile, the engineering team is working on changing that, according to the Facebook site. But as far as being able to see the identity of those who've viewed your Facebook profile or even your individual posts, including videos, that's not in the works. And it doesn't appear that it's in the plans, either, as of June 2013. So if you encounter a third-party Facebook app which claims that it can show you who's viewed your profile or even how many views your videos receive, Facebook reps advise that you avoid the app.