How Can I Block a Phone Number From My Mediacom Home Phone?

By Palmer Owyoung

i Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Junk mail, spam e-mails and telemarketers--these are unfortunate nuisances in the information age. Nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of their evening dinner by a phone call only to find that it's someone trying to get you to upgrade your long distance plan. If you have a Mediacom phone plan it's easy to block these calls.

Install Caller ID

This feature is free with a Mediacom phone calling plan, but you will still need to purchase the equipment to display the caller ID or you will need a phone that has this feature built in.

Block Unidentified Numbers

Press 77 to block unidentified numbers. Activation of this feature will be confirmed by two beeps. To deactivate, press 87.

Block Known Numbers

If your caller ID identifies someone that you don't want to speak to, you can block the number by pressing *67.

Block Numbers Permanently

If you wish to permanently block numbers, you will need additional equipment such as a Caller ID Manager. This device plugs into your phone and will block between 175 to 500 phone numbers that you have designated as undesirable.