How Can I Block a Phone Number From My Mediacom Home Phone?

by Palmer Owyoung
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Junk mail, spam e-mails and telemarketers--these are unfortunate nuisances in the information age. Nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of their evening dinner by a phone call only to find that it's someone trying to get you to upgrade your long distance plan. If you have a Mediacom phone plan it's easy to block these calls.

Install Caller ID

This feature is free with a Mediacom phone calling plan, but you will still need to purchase the equipment to display the caller ID or you will need a phone that has this feature built in.

Block Unidentified Numbers

Press *77 to block unidentified numbers. Activation of this feature will be confirmed by two beeps. To deactivate, press *87.

Block Known Numbers

If your caller ID identifies someone that you don't want to speak to, you can block the number by pressing *67.

Block Numbers Permanently

If you wish to permanently block numbers, you will need additional equipment such as a Caller ID Manager. This device plugs into your phone and will block between 175 to 500 phone numbers that you have designated as undesirable.


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