How Can I Transfer Music From My iPod to My iTunes Library?

by Julius Vandersteen

Your iPod, a portable music player made by Apple, may hold MP3s that you copied from your CDs or downloaded from the iTunes Store. You're able to sync music from your computer using the free iTunes application. Music transfer usually goes in one direction, from iTunes to the iPod. However, if you have purchased music from the iTunes Store, then deleted it from your computer, and now only have a copy on your iPod, you can transfer it from the iPod back to your iTunes library. You can't use iTunes, though, to transfer music back to the computer from your iPod if you originally copied it from CDs onto your computer.

Connect the USB cable to the iPod and to a USB port on the computer. The iTunes application should launch automatically. If it doesn't, click on the iTunes icon to launch it.

Click "Authorize Computer" from the "Store" menu in iTunes if you have not already authorized the computer. Type in your Apple ID and password and then click the "Authorize" button.

Click "File."

Click "Transfer purchases from (name of) iPod." Any songs on your iPod that you previously purchased from the iTunes Store using the iTunes application will now transfer back to your iTunes library, if you have deleted them from your computer. If you have an iPod Touch, you may have also downloaded music to it directly from the iTunes Store, by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. These purchased songs will transfer to your iTunes library as well.

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