Can Sprint Text Messages Be Retrieved After Deleted?

By Russell Huebsch

You should save any important messages.
i texting a message on pda device image by Paul Hill from

Text messages may contain crucial information. If you deleted text messages on a Sprint phone, you may be able to retrieve them. Cell phone companies store messages for no more than a few days or months.


As of 2008, Sprint stores user text messages on its server for up to two weeks, according to Slate online magazine. Sprint does not keep the content of the message, only time stamps and send/receiver information.


The exact process for retrieving old Sprint messages varies by phone model. Almost any phone can obtain message details from the last 90 days by contacting Sprint security at 800-877-7330, according to Sprint.


You can save important text messages from your phone by accessing the desired message and pressing the option key under "View." Press the menu key and the button under "Save," according to Sprint.