Can You Manage a Facebook Page Through TweetDeck?

by David Nield

The Twitter client TweetDeck only offers a limited number of Facebook functions. These include being able to post to your Facebook Page, but it doesn't offer tools for managing any of the content or making any changes to your account. TweetDeck is available as a free online or desktop app.

Setting up a Facebook Link in TweetDeck

Open the TweetDeck Web app or desktop app. You are prompted to create a new account to keep your settings in sync and authenticate your identity. With this done, you can associate Twitter and Facebook accounts with your TweetDeck account from the Accounts page of the Settings dialog. Any Facebook Pages for which you are an administrator can be posted to by TweetDeck in addition to your personal Facebook Timeline.

Configuring TweetDeck from Facebook

From the Facebook site, click "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu under the gear symbol on the toolbar, then select "Apps." Click "Edit" by the TweetDeck entry in the list to configure the settings for the TweetDeck app -- available options include the visibility of the posts sent from TweetDeck (you can set these as "Public" or limit them to "Only Me," for example). You can also manage which of your Facebook Pages TweetDeck is able to post to from here.

Posting from TweetDeck

Click the compose button (a feather quill) from inside TweetDeck and a new window appears, enabling you to enter your update. This window displays badges for all of your connected accounts, including your personal Facebook account and any associated Pages. Select every account and Page you want to send the update to before clicking "Tweet." You can post to your personal Facebook Timeline, one of the Pages you manage or both at the same time. There are no further options to manage or configure your Facebook Pages through the TweetDeck interface.

Adding Facebook Columns

The TweetDeck layout is based around a succession of columns, and you can display two types of Facebook columns if required -- News Feed and Notifications. Both of these columns pull data from your personal Facebook account rather than any official Pages for which you might be the administrator. Click the "Add Button" column inside TweetDeck to create a Facebook-related column -- clicking on an entry inside one of the columns opens a new browser window showing the content in question on the Facebook site.

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