Can You Make Two Different Facebook Profiles With the Same Email Address?

by Carolyn Luck
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Logging in to your Facebook account requires a few quick steps, including entering your email address and password. Although Facebook does not require much in terms of setting up an account, there are rules governing the use of email addresses for login purposes. While more than one person cannot use the same email address, that address can be used by one individual to manage both personal and business profiles.

Creating an Account

Facebook only permits one account per email address. Members are encouraged to link several email addresses to a single account for password reset purposes and to prevent account lockout. However, a single email address may not be linked to more than one Facebook account. You can change your primary email address and add supplemental email addresses on your account settings page. Upon logging in, you’ll enter your primary email address in the space provided along with your password.

Facebook Rules for Email Use

To maintain member safety and privacy, Facebook does not permit the use of one email address for several different profiles. Facebook accounts are intended for individual use, requiring the use of real names and information. Joint accounts are not permitted, ensuring that each account belongs to one person. Several people using the same account could result in unauthorized or unsolicited communication among members.

Business Timelines

Since a Facebook business page is a function of a personal account, it’s possible to create both a Facebook profile and a business page with a single email address. A business page allows you to promote your business, connect with other users and engage customers with regular posts. A personal profile is required before a business profile can be created, and you must log in to your personal account in order to access your business page. You can receive customized business and personal notifications using a single email address.

Additional Email Accounts

Adding supplemental email addresses to your Facebook account means added security and access. Should you lose access to the primary email account listed on your account, you can use a secondary email address for login and password reset purposes. If you share an email address with someone, and you both wish to sign up for Facebook, you have some options. Many email service providers offer free email accounts. One of you can sign up for a new email account, allowing both parties to sign up with Facebook.


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