Can You Make the Screen Brighter on a Kindle?

By Nick Davis

The Kindle lets you view a variety of electronic documents including newspapers and books.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

From reading electronic books (e-books) to digital magazines, the Kindle even lets you listen to audiobooks without the hassle of using a personal audio player. The device includes an LCD screen that displays text and graphics, a user-friendly interface and a connection cable for transferring content from your computer. The Kindle website includes an array of technical support from the device's manufacturer, Amazon.

Screen Adjustments

You can't make the screen on your Kindle brighter. The device does not contain a brightness adjustment control, nor does it have built-in settings for adjusting the LCD screen. You must operate your Kindle under a lamp or other light source to see the screen clearly.

External Booklights

A variety of external book lights are available that work with the Kindle, including models built into cases for the device as well as clip-on lights. Booklight prices vary and the lights are available at retail superstores, bookstores and at online outlets including Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. Certain model booklights even include a movable extension that lets you bend the light to your liking over your Kindle.


You can also use a traditional lamp, incandescent, fluorescent or other light type, to illuminate your Kindle's LCD display. Adjust the lamp and your Kindle to reduce the amount of glare appearing on the device's screen. When using the device outside, sit in a sunny area so plenty of light will illuminate your Kindle's screen. Adjust your Kindle to your liking as the level of outside lighting changes.


Use a book holder or stand to support your Kindle if using the device on a table or holding the device isn't an option. Book holders and specialty stands for your Kindle are available at retail superstores, bookstores and online outlets. When your Kindle's screen becomes dirty, wipe it clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth or towel.