Can You Make an iPhone App With a PC?

by Ben LeDoux

PC enthusiasts looking to get into the iPhone development business have all wondered if they can develop iPhone software on a PC. Well, the answer is ... maybe. Unfortunately, the only software that is offered to iPhone developers has been specially designed to only work on Mac. But hackers have even found ways around this.


Hackintosh is what hackers call the PCs that they have converted over to the Mac OS X operating system. Because the Mac operating system recently switched over to an Intel chipset, it means that the operating system had to be converted to work on such chipsets, which brings it one step closer to being a PC platform. Because of this, any PC running this chipset can be converted over to a Mac operating system with the help of the Leo4AllV3 disc that floats around the internet. After the installation of Mac OS X, the website provides the iPhone development kit that will allow users to program and design an iPhone app. However, when buying an iPhone certificate to sell your app, the certificate ties into the hardware system. This means that if Apple were to notice that the user had an illegal hacked copy of Mac OS on a PC, the legal ramifications could be staggering.


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