How Can I Look at Someone's Pictures on Twitter?

by Melly Parker
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A person's Twitter profile serves as the gateway for his publicly tweeted photos. If the photos weren't linked on Twitter itself, you may have to search through the tweets. Photos loaded directly to Twitter, or through one of several apps, are available for your perusal without having to scour the person's old tweets.

Step 1

Sign in to your Twitter account.

Step 2

Navigate to the person's profile, using either the "Followers" list, "Following" list or by typing his Twitter address into the browser.

Step 3

Click on the person's Twitter name again, if a pop-up of the profile appears, to launch the full Twitter profile.

Step 4

Click on the photos on the left. The one you select will open in a viewer. Scroll through the photos to see those linked on Twitter.

Read through the person's old tweets to find links to photos that weren't posted with a Twitter-ready service. Photos from personal websites, Instagram and Facebook can be linked in the tweets themselves, for example. When you find one, click on the link to view the photo.


  • If the person's Twitter profile is blocked and you aren't an approved follower, you will not be able to view the Twitter pictures associated with the account.


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