How Can I Record My Landline Phone Calls on My Computer?

by Palmer Owyoung

There are any number of reasons you may want to record your landline phone calls on your computer. For instance, you might want to catch someone in a lie, for use as evidence in court, or simply remind someone of a promise they made. All you need is a simple device that attaches to both your phone and your computer. Once connected, you can turn your phone calls into digital files that you can email or burn to a CD ROM. 

Step 1

Purchase a PC phone recording system (see resource links). These can be purchased online for between $30 and $160.  

Step 2

Unplug the line coming into your phone from the wall. Plug the line into the recorder and run a line from the recorder into your landline.

Step 3

Connect the USB cable from the recorder to a USB port on your computer.

Turn the device on. Now, whenever you answer a call, the phone recording device will automatically record your conversation and save it to your computer. The conversation can be saved as a .wav file or as an MP3. This way you can save it to a thumb drive or send it to someone else via email.

Items you will need

  • PC phone recording software

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