What Can an iPhone Be Used For?

By Sarah Thomas

The iPhone can do much more than calling.
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Apple's iPhone is a smartphone that can do many things, depending on what you as the user need. The iPhone not only includes applications that are already present on the phone, but you can access the application store and download an application for nearly anything you can imagine. Explore your iPhone to find out what uses best fit your needs.

Traditional Phone Use

The iPhone functions as a cell phone, so that you can make and receive phone calls from others. You can also use the iPhone to send and receive text messages, depending on your rate plan.

Email Access

Configure your iPhone to send and receive emails so that you can stay in touch with your email on the go. In addition to sending and receiving email, you may also be able to sort, delete and save emails as you would on a computer.

Music And Video

The iPhone comes with iTunes installed, so you have access to your current iTunes music and the ability to purchase more music right from the phone. The iTunes store also offers other types of media, such as videos, that can be played on your phone.

Camera Functions

Use the iPhone as a digital camera or video camera for an easy way to take pictures or video while you're out. The iPhone works as a digital camera and video camera, and stores the resulting pictures and videos that you can then share with others.


Use the iPhone as an electronic reader by downloading and then viewing electronic books. The iBooks application provides a place to store, download and view electronic books.


The iPhone is equipped with a navigation system that can provide you with maps and directions.

Web Browsing

Browse the Internet on your phone and you can do anything that you would traditionally do on a computer. Make purchases, check the weather or view new websites on the iPhone while Web browsing.