Can the iPad Run SketchUp?

by Nick Davis

Google SketchUp is a three- and two-dimensional modeling program that lets you design room layouts, buildings and even entire cities using your Windows or Mac system. The program cannot run on the Apple iPad. Google SketchUp is free and includes a free video tutorial as well as help files on how to use the application, save files and print layouts.

iPad Compatibility

Google SketchUp is not available in the Apple App Store for the iPad nor is it available in a version compatible with the iPad operating system. You cannot use the Mac version of the program on your iPad. Google SketchUp also cannot be transferred to your iPad via iTunes or by emailing the application’s installation program to your iPad.

System Requirements

The application runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP systems as well as Mac OS X version 10.5 or higher systems. Google SketchUp includes a setup wizard that guides you through the installation process. Once the installation process is complete, the setup program places an application shortcut on your computer’s Desktop.

SketchUp Community

Google SketchUp also lets you share designs and layouts with others via the Google 3D Warehouse online community. You can also post your designs on Google Earth, an online application that lets you see structures on Earth, satellite imagery, access various maps and view planets and objects in outer space.


Click the circle next to “Windows XP/Vista/7” or “Mac OS X (10.5+).” Enter your email address in the box next to “Please enter your email address if you'd like to receive the Google SketchUp newsletter:” if desired. Click the “Agree and Download” button. Follow the on-screen prompts to save and install the application. Click “Finish” when prompted.

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