Can You Increase Fonts or Zoom in on the Android Facebook App?

by Matt Koble
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Facebook's Android app does not let you zoom in on your news feed or increase the font size as of February 2013. The application enables you to zoom in on pictures, making them larger. If reading is an issue, consider using the mobile version of Facebook's website through your Android device's Web browser. The mobile site enables zooming on any page, as the Android Web browser has this feature.

Facebook App

Step 1

Tap the "Facebook" app's icon to launch the application. Find a picture you want to zoom in on and tap the picture to open the photo viewer.

Step 2

Pinch two fingers together and place them on the screen. Spread your fingers apart to enlarge the photo.

Pinch your fingers together again while touching the screen to zoom out. Press your Android device's "Back" button to exit the picture.

Facebook Mobile Website

Step 1

Launch your Android's Web browser app and navigate to If required, sign in as you would on your computer.

Step 2

Tap your finger twice in a specific spot to zoom in on that spot. Tap the screen twice again to zoom out.

Place two fingers on the screen pinched together. Spread your fingers to zoom in. Bring your fingers back together to zoom back out.


  • Information in this article applies to Android 4.0. Methods may vary with different Android versions or Web browser applications.


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