Can I Restore Microsoft Word Starter 2010 on My Computer?

By Alan Sembera

Office Starter 2010 was available only with a new computer.
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Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a free trial program that allows individuals and businesses to use limited versions of Word and Excel without having to purchase a license. If the software is giving you errors, you may be able to restore the application using Windows' repair feature. If you uninstalled Office Starter 2010, there's no way to reinstall it, although you may be able to get it back by restoring your computer settings to an earlier date.


Click the "Search" icon on your Charms bar, type "Programs" and then select "Programs and Features" from the results.

Select "Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - English" from the list of programs.

Click "Change," then click "Yes" to allow the program to run.

Click "Yes" again to begin the repair, then click "OK" when the repair is finished.

System Recovery

Activate the Charms bar. Click the "Search" icon and then click "Settings." Type "recovery" and then select the "Recovery" application from the results.

Select "Open System Restore," then click "Yes" to allow the program to run. Click "Next" to continue to the System Restore window.

Click the box next to "Show More Restore Points" to view a list of all the restore points saved on your computer.

Select a restore point from the list. Choose one that was made before you deleted Office Starter 2010. If you're not sure which one to choose, take your best guess. Windows will allow you to undo the restore if you're wrong. Keep in mind the further back you go, the more likely it is you'll have to reinstall any programs or drivers you installed after the date of the restore point.

Click "Scan for Affected Programs" to see a list of programs and drivers that will be deleted during the restore process, then click "Close." You still have the option of changing restore points at this time.

Click "Next" when you are ready to begin the recovery, click "Finish" to confirm your choice, and finally click "Yes" to allow the app to run. Windows will begin the recovery process and restart your computer when done.

Undo the system recovery if necessary by repeating the above steps and selecting "Undo System Recovery" when you get to the System Restore screen.


If you are unable to restore Office Starter 2010 using system recovery, you have the option of resetting your computer back to its factory condition. This restores Office Starter 2010, but it also deletes all of your programs, files and user settings. The process for restoring a computer to factory settings varies according to the computer manufacturer.