Can I Import Stuff to My New YouTube Channel?

By Aaron Parson

Your YouTube channel shares an account with your Google account.
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If you rename your company or want to rebrand it online, you may want to move your YouTube videos to a different user account. YouTube does not offer a direct way to import videos from one account to another, but you can download the complete contents of your old YouTube account and upload it again to a new channel. You must still have access to your old account in order to download the original videos you uploaded.

Visit the Google Takeout website (see Resources section for link), and log in to the old Google account hosting your YouTube videos.

Click "Choose Services," and select the "YouTube" button. After several seconds, an estimate will appear for the complete size of your video archive.

Press "Create Archive." A status bar will appear showing the progress of the archiving. If you have many videos, this process can take a long time. Wait until the archiving finishes. Alternatively, you can check the "Email Me When Ready" box to receive an email with a link to the archive when the process finishes.

Click the "Download" button that appears when the archive process finishes, and save the archive to your computer by clicking "OK" in Firefox or "Save" in Internet Explorer. If you use Chrome, the browser will automatically save the archive.

Open the archive on your computer. Google Takeout creates archives in zip files, so drag all of the videos out of the archive folder into another location, such as an empty folder or your desktop.

Visit YouTube. If you're still logged in to your old account, click your user name, click "Sign Out" and then sign in to the new account.

Press "Upload." Click "Select files to upload," and then pick one of the videos copied out of the archive.

Enter a title and description for your video, and then wait while the upload finishes. After the upload completes, return to the upload page to send the next video. Repeat to upload all of the videos to your new channel. You do not need to wait for one video to finish encoding before uploading another.


After uploading your videos onto the new channel, you may want to delete the videos from your old account to avoid leaving duplicates on YouTube.

If you only want to import a few of your videos, you can download them individually from the Uploads page on your old account instead of using Google Takeout.


Downloading and reuploading your videos will not transfer your comments, subscribers or view count.