Can I Get Another Installation CD for My HP Printer?

By Dan Stone

HP's printer support line includes replacement software discs in addition to printing supplies.
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HP offers two methods to replace the installation software for your HP printer in case you lose the copy you have. HP's support site can help you identify your printer model and either order a replacement installation CD-ROM or download the software found on the installation disc to your computer. The download option is free, but the replacement disc option has a fee attached to it.

Printer Identification

Different printer models use different software and drivers, so it's necessary to identify the printer model to find the correlating replacement software. Typically, the printer will have the model name on the front of the unit, but you can also check the printer cartridges for the number. HP offers a software download (link in Resources) that can identify all HP products connected to the computer. If you download, install and run this software from the HP site, it will tell you the printer's model name. This process works best if the printer is directly connected to the computer. If you have more than one HP printer connected to the computer, remove all but the one you wish to identify.

Support Site

HP's support site (link in Resources) can direct you to the software replacement page for your printer if you enter the printer model name and number in the search bar. If you have an incomplete name or number, the site will suggest several possible models with photographs to help you identify your model.

Order a Replacement Disc

The main page for the printer on HP's support site includes a link called "Order Physical Media - CD/DVD/USB." This is where the printer's physical replacement software can be found. Some printers have expansive software that won't fit on a CD-ROM and instead come on either a DVD or USB flash drive. Click on the physical media option you want to go with and follow the on-screen instructions to order and pay for a replacement disc.

Burn a Replacement Disc

Downloading the software and burning your own replacement CD may seem like a more viable option if you have high-speed Internet access and a writable disc drive. You can find the downloadable version of your printer's software and firmware on the HP support site page for your printer. You can download and install both of these programs along with any updates HP has issued since releasing your printer and diagnostic tools. All of these programs can be burned to the same disc for backup purposes, but they can be installed directly from the computer in lieu of a writable optical drive. The driver-product installation link contains all the software necessary for your computer to run the printer. The firmware updates the program on the printer itself. You can burn these files to a writable optical disc after downloading them through Windows Explorer's disc-authoring program.