Can I Forward My Yahoo Business Mail to Another Account?

By Mike Venture

Most people expect emails to be received instantly, so any delay in responding to important emails can have serious consequences in today's mile-a-minute business environment -- you could lose a client, for example. If you check another email account more frequently than the Yahoo Mail Account you use for your business or simply don't want to check more than one account, it's helpful to forward your business account's mail.

Visit the Yahoo Mail website (link in Resources) in a Web browser and log in.

Click the gear icon. Select "Mail Options" from the menu.

Click "POP & Forwarding" in the left pane.

Click the "Forward Your Yahoo Mail" radio button to enable forwarding.

Enter the email address for your other account.

Click the "Save Changes" button.

Click the "Send Code" link in the Verify Email Address box that appears. This sends a code to your other account to verify that it's yours.

Open a new browser tab and log in to your other account. If it's also a Yahoo Mail account, open a different browser to avoid being logged out of your Yahoo Mail business account.

Open the email from Yahoo Member Services. Locate the confirmation code and copy it to the clipboard.

Switch back to your Yahoo Mail business account tab. Paste the confirmation code into the appropriate box. Click "Done" to complete the process.


Yahoo Mail Plus is a pay service -- $19.99 per year as of April 2013.