Can I Hide on Facebook so No One Knows I Am On?

by C. Taylor
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Facebook's chat feature enables people to see when you're online and initiate chat sessions with you. This feature can deter you from logging into Facebook when you’re busy and would rather not be bothered, or if you're concerned about hurting someone's feelings by denying a chat request. An alternative to avoidance is simply to turn off the chat feature, so no one knows you're online. If you turn off the chat feature before you log off or close your browser, it will remain off the next time you log on to Facebook, so you never appear online.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and click "Home" if you're not already on your Home screen.

Step 2

Click the lower-right "Chat" bar.

Step 3

Click the gear icon and select "Turn Off Chat." Alternatively, click the gear icon, then "Advanced Settings," "Turn Off Chat" and "Save" to disable the chat feature.

Click anywhere else in the Facebook window to exit the Chat window and remain invisible.


  • To reenable the chat feature, click "Turn On Chat for All Friends Except" from the Advanced Settings window and select "Save." If you don't enter any names in the provided field, your online status will appear to everyone.


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