Can I Stop GPS Tracking on My Company Phone?

By Sam Kessler

Companies track and monitor their employees to make sure they adhere to company policies and to keep employee productivity high. Companies also monitor workers to prevent theft of confidential information and corporate espionage. With company-issued cell phones, the enterprise's surveillance group can monitor employees' phone conversations, voice mail, text messages and email. The group can also track employees' movements through the GPS system installed in the cell phones. Employees can circumvent the company-monitored GPS system in several ways.

Three Ways to Disable GPS Tracking

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A cell phone shop that offers a repair service can remove the GPS antenna connected to the circuit board of the cell phone. You can also turn off the GPS software inside a cell phone by going to the settings function in the main menu to turn off tracking software or limit it to emergency settings. If you live outside the U.S., which prohibits the use of cell phone jammers, you can also purchase a jammer online.

Legal Issues in Tracking Employee GPS Phones

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As of December 2010, no federal law prevents employers from tracking their employees via GPS devices on company-issued vehicles and cell phones. However, many companies limit their risk of suits privacy rights violations by letting their employees know the company monitors work-related actions.

Who Monitors Employee Movements

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A company often makes employee monitoring a compliance function. Compliance departments usually put out the fires from corporate scandal or policy violation. Human resources and information technology departments are also involved since they typically have close relationships and similarities with compliance departments' agendas.