Can a GoPhone Be Converted to a Regular Service?

By James Johnson

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AT&T GoPhone is a pre-paid wireless service provided by AT&T Wireless. Pre-paid customers who wish to switch over to contract service with AT&T can continue to use their GoPhone with that service; however, several specific steps must be taken. It should be noted that AT&T often offers free or close-to-free phones with new service and you may be able to receive cash back when using your already paid for GoPhone.

What Is GoPhone?

GoPhone is a form of pre-paid service that offers users the ability to purchase minutes only as needed and to pay for phone service only on the days service is used. GoPhone service includes voice and data options (text, Internet). GoPhone devices tend to be low- to mid-range devices and no special discount pricing is given on these phones as it is with contract-based phone purchases.

GoPhone IMEI Lookup (Pre-Conversion Requirement)

Remove the battery from the back of your GoPhone and locate the sticker on the back of your phone. Write down the IMEI number found on that sticker (15-digit code). You may also be able to access your IMEI number by typing *# 0 6 # when the phone is turned on.

Converting A GoPhone

Call AT&T customer service or visit an authorized dealer. Tell the representative that you would like to convert your GoPhone to contract service and keep the same phone number (if required). Give the customer service representative the phone number for your GoPhone; this will provide the rep with the necessary information to process your conversion. Provide the customer service representative with your Social Security number, address, phone number and any other information requested. Your Social Security number and other personal information are required to run a credit check before you can be approved for service.


A one-year contract is recommended since you will not be receiving a discount on a new phone and plan pricing will remain unchanged. Use all of your GoPhone minutes before proceeding with the transfer of services since you will lose these minutes once the conversion is complete.


GoPhone customers are able to keep their same phone number; however, some customer service representatives may state that keeping the same number is impossible. If the customer service representative says he must give you a new number, be insistent that you keep the same number and point out that many other customers have kept their numbers when switching services.