Can Google Voice Forward to Two Phones?

By James Wright

Adjust your settings to forward to any verified devices on your account.
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After you've snagged a Google Voice number for your account, you can add multiple devices to forward your calls and texts to, all with their own individual settings. Different phone types will have different restrictions -- for example, only mobile phones can receive forwarded texts -- but all phones can receive forwarded calls. To set up which devices you want to receive forwarded calls, access your Google Voice settings.

Setting Up Multiple Phones

From your Google Voice home page, click the gear icon, "Settings," then "Add another phone." To add your additional phone, just go through the same process as you did with the first; add a name, number and phone type. To receive text forwarding you must use a mobile device, but all three phone types can receive call forwarding. Finally, to turn on forwarding to multiple devices, check the box next to each device under the Phones tab. You can enable call forwarding to up to six different devices.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings can be accessed when adding a new phone or when clicking the "Edit" button on any of the forwarding devices you have already verified. From here you can choose which devices have access to your voice mail and whether or not you need to enter your PIN. You can also set up a custom ring schedule for weekends and weekdays. Each individual device can have completely custom settings.


While you can set up your call forwarding and voice mails to multiple devices, you can also change call settings like caller ID, voice mail transcription, Do Not Disturb and others from your Google Voice settings. Do Not Disturb, for example, forwards all calls made to your Google Voice number straight to voice mail. To access these settings, click the gear icon and click "Settings," and then click on the "Voicemail & Text" and "Calls" tabs. All changes made from your Google Voice settings are global, meaning they will affect all forwarded devices.


Google Voice won't allow you to add international numbers to your list of forwarding devices. If you try to do this, you may be unable to complete the process when verifying your phone number. In addition, while you can have up to six forwarding devices attached to one Google Voice number, you can only have two Google Voice numbers per Google account.