Can You Have Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox?

by Nicole Martinez

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome rank second and third in terms of browser market share, respectively, as of March 2011. Both browsers support extended features through the use of plugins, as well as tabbed browsing and the ability to customize appearance with the use of themes.


Firefox and Chrome are both available for free and are compatible with the major operating systems, including Windows, Linux and the Mac OS. When installing either browser, you have the option to import bookmarks from previously installed browsers, so that you can have a similar experience in Firefox or Chrome.

Simultaneous Use

You can install Firefox and Chrome on your computer at the same time, as long as your computer meets the minimum hard drive capacity for both. In addition, you can run the browsers simultaneously.


If you have both Firefox and Chrome installed on your computer, you can use the pair to troubleshoot connection and other issues. For example, if a website does not load in Firefox, you can open Chrome to check the website. Additionally, if you create websites, you can install both browsers so that you can check your pages for discrepancies (because different browsers can render code differently).


Although you can have both Firefox and Chrome on your computer at the same time, your computer will only register one program as its default web browser, the one that will open when you click links in other applications. When installing either Firefox or Chrome, be sure to uncheck the option to set it as your default browser, if you wish for the other browser to remain the default.

About the Author

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