Can I Gchat on an IPad?

by Heather Wilkins
Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The term "Gchat" generally refers to Google's communication software choices, Google Talk and Google Chat. Google Talk is a chat program that you can use to text or voice chat on your computer. Google Chat is a Web program that enables you to voice and video chat online. Although the iPad natively uses FaceTime for video chat, that program limits you to communicating with people on Apple devices. Several free apps enable you to use Google's platform on the iPad to voice, video or text chat with anyone online.


Vtok functions like Google Chat. You sign in with your Google credentials, and you can then connect with your Google contacts when they are using Google Chat on their computers or Vtok on their mobiles. Vtok enables you to voice and video call your friends, while still retaining IM capabilities. You can even receive calls when the app is closed.

Google Plus

The Google Plus app for iPad makes it possible for you to voice and video chat using Google Hangouts. You can connect with your Google circles just like you do when you are online on your computer, and video chat with up to nine people at once.

Google Voice

If you have a Google Voice account, the Google Voice app for the iPad functions like Google Talk on your computer. Besides using the app for phone calls through Google Voice, you can text mobile phones with it. The app is only available in the United States, so it won't work for keeping in touch with your international contacts.

Imo Messenger

Imo Messenger is a chat app that connects with various other chat platforms, including Google Talk. You can also record and send short voice messages. Voice chatting like this isn't as smooth as normal conversation, but it does eliminate typing. You can continue receive chat alerts for one week after you close the app.

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