Can You Be on Facebook From Your Phone & Computer at the Same Time?

By David Nield

Handling simultaneous connections from computers and phones is no problem for Facebook.
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Facebook does not restrict the number of logins you make on the social networking site. This means you can access Facebook from your computer and phone at the same time or from multiple devices simultaneously. Beware, however, of leaving Facebook logged in on too many devices, as someone else could gain access to your account.

Logging in on Multiple Devices

Facebook enables you to log in to your account from your computer and your phone at the same time, or from two computers at once, or from a computer and a tablet. There's no limit on the number of logins you can have using the same account credentials. Any activity on one device is automatically mirrored to the other, so if you start a chat conversation on your phone, it is duplicated on your computer and anywhere else you have Facebook open.

Facebook on Mobile Devices

There are numerous ways of accessing Facebook on a phone or other mobile device. The social network offers official apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The site can also be accessed using a browser app on a mobile device, and in addition, a Facebook Messenger app is also available for selected platforms where it focuses solely on the messaging aspect of Facebook. All of these apps and access methods can be used simultaneously on the same account. Once you've logged in using your account credentials, this information is automatically stored for future use unless you specifically log out.

Facebook on Computers

Facebook can be accessed through most modern browsers, and the majority of these browsers give you the option of storing your username and password information. This means you don't have to log in to Facebook every time you visit the site. You can open your account on Facebook in multiple browser windows or tabs at the same time, as well as access it from multiple computers.

Account Security

Facebook offers several tools for protecting the security of your account, accessed from the "Account Settings" page under the gear icon drop-down menu on the Facebook toolbar. You can activate login notifications, for example, which alert you via email or SMS when your account is accessed from a computer or device you haven't used before. The login approval system, meanwhile, requires a special security code (usually delivered over SMS) as well as your password when logging in to a new computer or mobile device. The Active Sessions section enables you to see when and where you have logged in to your Facebook account recently, and to log out of sessions remotely if required. You should always log out of Facebook on computers and devices that other people may gain access to.