Can I Email Photos From Facebook to Someone's Email?

by Joshua Phillips
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Although Facebook helps users who are friends to communicate with one another and share content, you can also share photos or albums with someone who is not on Facebook, as long as you know the recipient's email address. There are two ways to share your photos on Facebook using email: by sending a photo directly to someone's email address using the Message tool or by sending a public link to an album using email or Facebook message.

Email an Individual Photo

Step 1

Click the "Message" icon in the upper left corner of any Facebook screen.

Step 2

Click "Send a New Message."

Step 3

Enter the recipient's email address in the To field.

Step 4

Click "Add Photos" and select the photo from your computer that you want to email.

Click "Send" to email a photo to the selected email address.

Email an Album Link

Step 1

Click "Photos" on the left side of your news feed.

Step 2

Click "Albums" and click the album that you want to share.

Step 3

Click the icon of a gear in the upper right corner and click "Share Album." This link allows a non-Facebook user to view the selected album. You can cut and paste this link into an email address or send it through Facebook to an email address.

Step 4

Click "Send in Message" if you want to send the photo album link to an email address through Facebook.

Enter the email address of the recipient in the To field and click "Send" to send your photos


  • If your album is set to private, the photos will not be visible through the link you send.


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