How Can I Edit the Songs on My iPod?

by Heather Laurent

Whether you have recently purchased a new iPod or wish to alter the music content on your current one, the iTunes software makes it easy to add or remove media from your device. By default, the software loads any media in your iTunes library to your iPod, assuming that it has adequate storage space to support all of the files. In order to select individual songs, videos, and other media, you must set your preferences to a manual configuration.

Connect your iPod to your computer with a USB cable. Open iTunes and wait for the program to recognize your device. After your iPod has been recognized, a small icon will appear with your iPod's name in the Devices list located on the left panel.

Configure your settings to manage the content of your iPod manually. Choose your iPod from the Devices list. Select the Summary tab and choose "Manually Manage Music and Videos." Click "Apply" to save your preferences.

Add songs and other media to your iPod. Select the song that you would like to add from your iTunes library by clicking on it. To select multiple items at once, press CTRL while clicking. Drag the media that you selected to the iPod icon in the Devices list. iTunes will sync the media to your iPod.

Delete songs and other media from your iPod. Choose your iPod from the Devices list. Select the file that you would like to delete from the playlist. Press "Delete" to remove the media from your iPod. Deleting your songs from the list will not remove them permanently from your hard drive.

Import additional songs to your iTunes library to add to your iPod. Open the folder containing the songs you would like to add from your main hard drive, an external hard drive or a memory stick. Select the songs you would like to transfer to your iPod. Drag them into your iTunes library and wait for the software to import them. Afterward, you may sync them to your iPod.

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