How Can I Make a DVD Copy of a Video in My Email?

by Jason Candanedo
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Email video clips, such as clips from YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion and MySpace, can be burned to a DVD as long as the right software is used. Examples of software that can accomplish such a task are VDownloader and Super DVD Creator 9.8.10. VDownloader converts the video clip to the AVI file format, which is compatible with DVD players. Super DVD Creator 9.8.10 burns the AVI file to a DVD so you can have your own copy of the video clip.

Step 1

Download VDownloader and Super DVD Creator 9.8.10 (see Resource section below) and install both onto your computer by following the installation instructions.

Step 2

Run VDownloader by clicking on its desktop icon. Select the "AVI" option in the menu bar of the software window. This ensures that the video burns to DVD in the AVI file format, which DVD players recognize.

Step 3

Place the email video Internet link into the VDownloader web address box and click "Download."

Step 4

Open Super DVD Creator 9.8.10 by clicking on its desktop icon. Click the "DVD Disc Builder" option. Click the "+" button and add the email video AVI file.

Step 5

Click "Next" to go the customization menu. In this menu you can alter the menu background, add and delete a background, and create chapter menus.

Step 6

Insert a blank DVD-RW disc into your CD/DVD-burning drive.

Click "Next" and "Start" to burn the video onto the blank DVD-RW disc. The DVD will eject when completed.


  • is a free site that can also convert video clips to AVI, like VDownloader. Cucusoft Converter Pro is a free program that operates like Super DVD Creator 9.8.10.


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