Can I Download U-verse DVR to My Computer?

By Melanie Jo Triebel

Television service has come a long way.
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In today's high-speed, on-the-go world, television viewing is often no longer confined to an actual television in the home. As you consider which of your many television choices you'd like to purchase, mobile access can be a key element of that decision. AT&T's U-verse service, like most major television companies, offers several mobile access services. Although your U-verse digital video recorder is a physical piece of equipment, you can access this device and its contents remotely without the need for a download.


AT&T's U-verse family of services includes home telephone service, Internet access and television programming. You can purchase these services individually or in bundles. All AT&T U-verse services are digital and are delivered via a combination of AT&T's fiber-optic network and its DSL network -- its copper telephone lines and wires -- depending on your location.

U-verse DVR

U-verse service comes with the U-verse Total Home DVR. This DVR, like others, is a piece of hardware, or electronic equipment, connected to your computer. Due to the nature of U-verse service, however, the U-verse DVR can be accessed from any television in your house connected to U-verse service. The U-verse Total Home DVR can record up to four different shows at once. U-verse also allows on-screen access to gaming, weather, media share and other interactive content.

U-verse on Computer

If you have U-verse 200 or above, you can access AT&T's U-verse Mobile service. Using your computer, compatible smartphone or other mobile device, you can watch selected U-verse programs. Not all smartphones are compatible with U-verse, but more devices are launching all the time. You can text "Mobile" to 3421 to find out if your smartphone can access U-verse mobile. To use U-verse on your computer, you simply need to log on: no download is required. To use U-verse on many mobile devices, however, you will need to download an application that enables your access.

U-verse DVR on Computer

U-verse customers can access their DVRs online. Although you can access your DVR's content, you don't need to download anything to do so. You can simply log in online using your U-verse member ID or email address and password, and then select shows to record from the programming guide. For more advanced access, after logging in you can click "Add content" and then click the "+Add U-verse" icon. A module allowing you to manage your DVR appears on your AT&T homepage. You can also access this module by selecting "U-verse" from the "Mobile" tab of the "Personal assistant" on your AT&T homepage.