Can You Download Songs From Rhapsody to Your Android Phone?

by David Wayne

Subscribing to Rhapsody gives you access to the millions of songs in Rhapsody's music catalog. The mobile application also allows you to download playlists to your Android's memory card for offline listening. Aside from the subscription fee, there is no additional charge to download songs to your phone.

Storing Music on Your Android

Choose a storage location by opening Rhapsody's advanced settings. Tap the Rhapsody icon, select “Settings,” and choose “Advanced Settings.” Select “Choose Music Download Location” to specify a folder on your Android's SD card. Download an album by selecting the album from the main Rhapsody menu and tapping the “Download” icon. Download a song by playing the song, tapping the “+” button and choosing “Download Track.” When offline, you can play your downloads within Rhapsody by selecting the “Downloads” tab and browsing the categories, which include Artists, Albums, Tracks and Playlists. Alternatively, access these songs from any application by navigating to their location on your SD card.

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