Can You Download Podcasts to the iPod Shuffle?

By Jared Huizenga

i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While it lacks some of the features of its iPod brothers – namely the color display screen that’s present with the Classic, Nano and Touch – the iPod Shuffle can play the same types of audio content as other iPods – including podcasts.

Downloading Podcasts

To add podcasts to your iPod Shuffle, connect your iPod to your computer like you would to add music, but rather than clicking on music files to transfer in your iTunes library, click on "Podcasts" instead.

First and Second Generations

In order to play podcasts on first and second generation Shuffles, you must set the Shuffle’s switch to “play in order” – podcasts won’t play in random play mode.

Third Generation

Podcasts won’t be played when the Shuffle is set to “Play All Songs.” To play a podcast from a playlist added from iTunes, you must switch the Shuffle to “play in order.”


iTunes has an autofill option that allows you to add content to the iPod when it’s connected to your computer. The autofill option will not add podcasts to an iPod – including the iPod Shuffle.


Because the Shuffle has less memory – either 2GB or 4GB – you will be able to add fewer podcasts than you could to other iPod models.