How Can I Decorate My Pictures on Facebook?

By John Mitchell

Facebook does not provide a direct way to decorate your photos on the site. Instead, you will have to use a third-party Web app to decorate your Facebook pictures. One such app is Picnik, which is free for the basic editing features it offers. The free features are enough to import your pictures from Facebook, decorate them with text, stickers and borders, then save them in one of your Facebook photo albums.

Go to, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the "Facebook" logo shown below the "Click to grab your photos from where you store them."

Click the "Connect" button. When you see the Facebook dialog box authorize Picnik to access your account. You may be prompted to sign into Facebook if you are not signed in already.

Select a Facebook picture you want to edit. Click the "Widget" icon, and choose "Edit" from the pop-up menu. The photo will load in the Picnik editor.

Go to the "Create" tab, and select an editing feature you want to use from across the top menu bar. You can choose from "Text," "Stickers," "Touch-Up," "Frames," "Advanced" and "Seasonal."

Go to the left column, and choose the decoration you want to use in your photo. Follow any other on-screen prompts or settings to enable that feature in the picture.

Click the "Save & Share" tab when you are done decorating your photo. Add or edit the caption, and select the "Album" to save it in. Click the "Save Photo" button. The photo will be uploaded to your Facebook account and posted to your Wall.