Can I Copy YouTube Music to Play on a CD?

By Crystal Bonser

Learn how to copy music from YouTube and burn it to disk.
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Many programs are available for users to copy music from YouTube. Although the process is fairly easy, take care not to violate copyright laws in the process. To legally download music from YouTube, you must either receive permission from the recording artist or the song must be in the public domain: the rights must have expired or the artist has put the song in the public domain.

Choose a Song

You can find almost any song on YouTube. Simply type the name of the song you want to copy and the recording artist in the search box on the YouTube website at the top of the page. Click on "search." From your list of results, find the video containing the song you wish to copy. Make sure to listen to the video first. Some don't play the entire song, some have poor quality and some are recorded live.

Convert Video to MP3

To convert the video to a sound file, use an online application such as, or For or, simply copy the URL of the YouTube video in the address bar at the top of the page, paste it in the text box on the or website, and click "download" or "go." You will then need to follow the directions to save the file to your computer. If you are using, you will need to download a program that will place a few buttons on your toolbar. One of the buttons will record any music playing on your computer to a location specified by you. Simply press the button once to start recording and press it again to end the recording. All three of these services are free.

Download CD-Burning Software

You now have the YouTube song download on your computer as an MP3 file; however, MP3s are compressed files. If you burn them to an audio disk, a CD player wont be able to read the files -- only a computer or MP3 player can do that. To remedy this, download a CD-burning application, such as Windows Media Player, Roxio's Easy CD Creator or Express Burn. All of these programs will automatically decompress the files for you before copying them to an audio CD.

Copy Songs to a CD

Once you have downloaded your CD-burning software and opened the program, you will need to select the MP3s you wish to burn from the file menu and insert a blank audio CD. Then, simply follow the instructions to burn your CD. Make sure the process is complete before removing your CD.