Can I Copy Photos From Google Images to Facebook?

by Naomi Bolton
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Posting interesting or unique photos on Facebook is a great way to get likes and comments from people on your friend list. While there is a wealth of such images on the Internet, it would be a chore to search through websites to find them. Google Images enables you to quickly find images that are relevant to your search terms. You can then either share these images on Facebook, if the site hosting the images has this function, or download the images in question and then post it to Facebook, provided they are not copyrighted.

Step 1

Navigate to the Google Images search page (link in Resources).

Step 2

Enter your search term for the type of images that you want to view in the search bar, for example "cats." Click the magnifying glass button to view the results.

Step 3

Click "Search tools" and use the filters to further refine your search. You are able to select a type, color and size for the images.

Step 4

Scroll through the images and click the image that you want to share on Facebook.

Step 5

Click the "Visit page" button next to the image to navigate to the website where the image is posted. Check the site to make sure that there are no copyright issues with posting the image elsewhere.

Step 6

Right-click the image and then click "Save image as..." from the context menu. Select a location on your computer to store the image and then click "Save."

Step 7

Navigate to the Facebook website and sign in to your account. Click "Add Photos/Video" and then click "Upload Photos/Video" to post the image on your own timeline. Select the image from the file upload window and then click "Open." Type a comment or click the "+" button to add more photos. Click "Post" when you are ready to post the photos on Facebook. This method also works for posting photos on Pages and Groups.

Alternatively, click the name of a friend and then click the "Photo" option at the top of her timeline. Click the "+" button and then select the photo that you want to upload. Click "Open" and then click "Post" to post the photo on her timeline.


  • Do not copy and post any images that might violate copyright laws. First, check the website on which the image is posted to ensure that you are allowed to post the image on Facebook. If it is not clearly stated that you have permission to share the photo, either contact the owner for permission or search for an alternative image.


  • Click the gear-shaped button at the top of the image search results page and then click "Advanced Search." Select "Free to use or share" or "Free to use, share or modify" from the "Usage rights" drop-down list. This enables you to filter your results to display only images that you are allowed to share to Facebook.
  • If there is a Share button on the Web page featuring the image you want, you can use this to post the image directly to a Facebook timeline or private message. Not all websites that contain images have this feature, however.


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