Can You Convert Digital Audio to RCA?

by Maya Austen
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RCA audio cords are those red and white (or sometimes black) cords you use to connect your DVD player to your television set, for instance; or your CD player to your audio receiver.


RCA audio cords are designed to transmit analog audio signals from one medium to another. These cords are not designed to transmit digital signals. But you can convert digital audio signals to RCA with the right equipment.


In order to convert a digital audio signal to an RCA (analog) signal you can use a “digital to audio converter.”


A digital to audio converter is a little box or adapter that creates a reproduction of your digital audio signal in analog form. It is similar in concept to the digital-to-analog converter box you might be using on your television set since the transition to all-digital TV

Other Cords

Both coaxial digital cords and optical digital cords are used to transmit digital audio signals from a digital device, such as a CD player, to another media device.


The digital output from your digital source device goes to the digital input on your digital to audio converter adapter. Plug one end of your RCA audio cables (the red and white cords) into the outputs on your adapter; plug the other end of your RCA audio cables into your analog receiving device.


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