How Can I Consolidate Amazon Orders?

By Melissa King

Manage your Amazon orders by consolidating shipments.
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If you order multiple items from Amazon, you generally want all of your items to arrive at the same time. Consolidating shipments is a way to keep track of your order if you have purchased multiple items, and it may allow you to pay less for shipping. Amazon generally attempts to consolidate all items you order, but there are situations where this is not possible. Learn about Amazon's criteria for consolidation in order to have a better chance of your items being shipped together.

Step 1

Buy items that are in stock. If you purchase an item that is available now, then buy another item that cannot be shipped yet, they will arrive at different times.

Step 2

Use the same address when you purchase items. Amazon tries to ship your orders together if you provide the same address for each.

Step 3

Buy items labeled "Fulfilled by Amazon." Some items on Amazon are sold by private sellers who are responsible for shipping the items to you. These items will not be included in your order consolidation.

Step 4

Order all of your desired items within a 30-minute period if you are using Amazon's "1-Click" ordering option.

Step 5

Use a domestic shipping address. If you want an order sent to an international address, it may not be consolidated.