How I Can Connect My Xbox With My Laptop? (10 Steps)

by Andrew Mikael
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Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console can communicate with a laptop computer to share music, video and pictures from the computer's library. This works on any version of Windows with Windows Media Center. If an Xbox lacks a network connection, you can also connect the console to a laptop to gain Internet access for Xbox Live. This method can give your Xbox network access through a wireless connection without purchasing an extra wireless adapter for the console.

Media Sharing

Step 1

Connect the Xbox 360 and a Windows computer to the same network. Either connect the devices to the same router using an Ethernet cable or wireless adapter, or connect them directly using a network cable.

Step 2

Open the "Windows Media Center" option from the "My Xbox" section of the Xbox 360's main menu. Select continue, and note the eight-digit code. You will need this code to confirm the connection on the computer. Select "Continue" again and leave the Xbox on the configuration screen.

Step 3

Activate the console on the computer. Open Windows Media Center and open the "Tasks" menu. Click on the "add extender" option. Click "Next" and enter the eight-digit code displayed on the Xbox. Click "Next" again, and set the media sharing settings as desired. You will need administrative permission to confirm the operation. The Xbox and laptop will both display connection progress screens.

Step 4

Open "Music," "TV + Movies" or "Pictures + Videos" on the Xbox to access the laptop's media. The system will automatically add the laptop's library to the Xbox. Select an album, or video to begin playback, or select a picture to view it.

Press the central button on the controller to access the Xbox dashboard and stop playback. You can return to the laptop's library by selecting "Windows Media Center" from the main menu whenever both systems are on and connected to the same network.

Internet Sharing

Step 1

Connect an Ethernet cable to the Xbox 360's rear network port. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on the laptop. Ensure the laptop has an active wireless network connection.

Step 2

Activate Internet sharing on the laptop. On a Windows system, open the Network Connections window and right click on the "Local Area Connection" icon. Select "Properties" from the list. Only administrative accounts can access these settings. In OSX, open the "System Preferences" window and select "Sharing."

Step 3

Click the "Sharing" tab in Windows and check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" box. Click "OK" to save the changes. In OSX, click on "Internet Sharing." Select the incoming wireless connection in the "Share your connection from" menu, and select the Ethernet option in the "To computers using" menu.

Step 4

Turn on the Xbox and open the "System Settings" menu. Select "Network Settings" from the list and open the "Wired Network" section.

Select "Configure Network" and ensure the system's IP address configuration is set to "Automatic." If it is not, press "A" to change the option. Sign in with an Xbox Live profile to connect the system to the Internet. The laptop must remain on and connected to the wireless network to keep the connection active.


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