How Can I Change My Yahoo Homepage Format & View?

By Danielle Fernandez

Modify your My Yahoo homepage for a more tailored online experience.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your My Yahoo homepage can be configured to reflect your viewing preferences, making for a more personalized and efficient Yahoo experience. By modifying your settings, Yahoo will display information that is tailored to your interests, including news tickers that broadcast updates you care about, social network feeds that eliminate the need to sign into those pages separately, local movie and television schedules and real-time views of sports scores, financial tickers and weather forecasts. Because the site saves changes and preferences with your logins, your personalizations will be available using any computer or mobile device.

Step 1

Visit, and sign in using the link at the top right.

Step 2

Link your social networking accounts by clicking the down arrow next to your name at the top left. Click "Account Info," then manage linked social networks in the "Connected Accounts" pane.

Step 3

Navigate back to the My Yahoo page to personalize it.

Step 4

Click "My Main Tab," "The Best of My Yahoo!" or "New Tab" to create organizational tabs for your My Yahoo content.

Step 5

Click the "+ Content" button to select widgets to be displayed on your My Yahoo page. Use the search bar on the right side of the pane to search by keyword, or browse using the links under "Browse Content." Click "+ Add" to add.

Step 6

Click "Add an RSS Feed" at the bottom the "+ Content" window to track RSS feeds containing frequently changing content. In the text field that pops up, enter the URL of the RSS feed from the publisher's site, then click "Add."

Step 7

Click "Options" on the top of any widget window for additional options, including the ability to modify the widget's settings, get more information or share it to your social networks.

Step 8

Hover your mouse over the top border of any widget to change its location in the layout of the page. When the cursor changes to an icon with four opposing arrows, click your mouse and drag and drop the widget where you would like it placed.

Step 9

Click the "Themes" button in the tab you're modifying to change the theme, colors, font size and layout of your My Yahoo page.

Step 10

Click the "Options" button in the tab you're modifying to make further changes, including article timestamp, auto refresh frequency rates and article previews.