How Can I Change My Windows Search Engine?

by Mike Benson

When you run the initial setup for Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, you are given the opportunity to choose a default search provider. If you do not choose a search provider, Windows Live will automatically be selected as the default. When you type a query in the Internet Explorer search engine box, Windows will use the chosen search provider to provide the results for your query. If you are interested in using a different engine, you can change your provider preference in the Internet Explorer options.


Click "Start," and then click "Internet Explorer." Click the down-arrow next to the magnifying glass in the search box next to the address bar. This will expand a list of options.


Click "Manage Search Providers." This opens a new window that displays a list of available engines you can use.


Select a search provider from the list and then click "Set as Default." Click "Close" and reload Internet Explorer.

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