How Can I Change My Windows Media Player File Type?

by Sonia Waring
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Besides playing digital music and video files, Windows Media Player can "rip" (extract individual music tracks from a music CD) and convert them to a compressed format for storage on your computer's hard drive. Windows Media Player can play a large variety of formats, but you must choose a particular format for ripping, such as MP3, some flavor of WMA, or WAV. The latter is actually the uncompressed format you'll find on commercial CDs.

Step 1

Open Windows Media Player.

Step 2

Click the small arrow under the "Rip" tab at the top center of the window.

Step 3

Choose "More Options...."

Step 4

Click the drop-down menu labeled "Format" in the center of the resulting dialog box. Choose a format -- WMA, MP3 or WAV -- from that menu.

Move the slider under the label "Audio quality," if the format allows it, to adjust the sound quality and file size of the audio tracks.


  • To learn more about the format choices, visit the CD Burner comparison site linked under "Resources."


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