Can You Change the Letter Type on Facebook?

by Ryan Menezes

Despite Facebook's various features, it is still impossible to change the format of most text on the site. When you type a status or a comment, you cannot underline, bold or italicize the letters. You also can't change the text's color or edit its size. To change your letter type in any way, you must use Facebook Notes, which includes a basic text editor. You can also use Notes to insert images, create lists or add links using HTML.


Log in to Facebook and type "Notes" into the site's search box.


Click "My Notes" in the drop-down search results to open the Notes app, and then click "Write a Note."


Write text into the box labeled "Body" and write a title in the box labeled "Title."


Highlight text within the body and then click the bold, italics or underline icons to change the letter type.


Click "Preview" and then click "Publish" to post the note.

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