Can I Change the Gmail.Com in My Gmail Address to Something Else?

By Carol Luther

After adding Gmail to an account, log out and back in on devices that use your Google Account.
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Every registration for Google's email service -- Gmail -- automatically includes an official username that ends with "" During the registration process and afterwards, you use this username and your chosen password to sign in to Gmail and all other Google services, such as Picasa and Google Calendar. Although you can't change the official username for your Google account, the Google service enables you to create a variety of email addresses, or aliases, under the same account, including email addresses that don't end with ""

Gmail Address Components

Standard Gmail email addresses frequently contain a username that contains your first and last name, initials or business name. Google often separates individual or personal email addresses into two segments with a period. The third segment follows the "@" sign; it routes your email through Google’s servers.

Gmail Account Types

The Gmail address options available to you depend on the type of account you have. During registration for free individual Gmail accounts, Google assigns email addresses that end with "" Google also provides email accounts when you register for personal, business, education, nonprofit or government Google Apps accounts. Email address options are different for complimentary and paid Google Apps accounts.

Google Mail Aliases

Gmail is Google's abbreviation for Google Mail, which means you can change the third section of any Gmail email address to and it will work just the same. When someone sends email to your username at, Google routes that email to the same inbox used for your official address.

Custom Gmail Addresses

Registered Google Apps users have the option to create custom email addresses that end with the name of a Web domain. This option is available only when you have a qualifying Google Apps account and have pointed your domain to Google's hosting service. This enables you to create a number of email addresses that use your domain name after the "@" sign in the address instead of Gmail or Googlemail. Google limits the number of custom email addresses for free Google Apps accounts but not for Google Apps for Business. As of 2013, Google isn't accepting new registrations for free personal Google Apps accounts, but the custom email option is available for existing Google Apps accounts.

Gmail Filters

Individuals and businesses that use custom Gmail addresses or aliases frequently use Gmail’s filters to separate and sort their incoming emails. When your inbox contains email sent to Gmail, Googlemail and custom addresses, you can configure Gmail's filters to label the incoming emails according to the domain that follows the at sign in the email address. Gmail filters also enable you to redirect emails sent to your custom Gmail address or an email alias to another non-Gmail email account.