Can You Change the Date That a Photo Is Added to Facebook?

By C. Taylor

When you upload a photo, Facebook automatically stamps the photo with the date you specified during the upload. If you didn't specify a date, Facebook uses the upload date by default. Because this date may inappropriately represent a photo, Facebook lets you change it to any time before the actual upload date. This feature is important because the date stamp dictates where in your Timeline a photo appears.

Step 1

Click "Photos" in the left pane of your Facebook account's home page.

Step 2

Click the photo that you need to edit to open an edit window.

Step 3

Click the "Edit" button.

Step 4

Use the date drop-down menus to select a new year, month and day. If you want to specify an hour, click "Add Hour" and select a time.

Step 5

Click "Done Editing" to assign the new date.

Click the "X" or press "Esc" to exit editing mode.