Can Someone Set Up a Spy Camera in Your House Without You Knowing It?

By Micah McDunnigan

Once the realm of fiction, spyware is becoming mainstream.
i spy camera image by dinostock from

Spy cameras, small enough to either turn an otherwise innocuous object like a pen into a surveillance tool or fit where you can't see them, have left the realm of mystery-thriller fiction and entered mainstream consumer life. New technologies make it easy for someone to set up a spy camera in your house without your knowledge.

Spy Pen

Modern technology eclipses what was once considered high tech by spy writers; dropping a bugged pen in an ambassador's office may have been neat in the '60s, but today entire cameras can fit in otherwise innocent objects. Pens and sunglasses are only a few of the locations high-tech digital video recorders (DVR) can be hidden. Because the objects they hide in do not look like cameras, setting up a spy camera in your home is as simple as someone being invited in once and leaving a pen on the table.

Nanny Cams

While the term nanny cam can refer to any camera designed to be able to monitor the behavior of babysitters, the stereotypical product is a camera hidden inside a stuffed animal. Similarly, setting up a spy camera in your home could be as simple as the person simply giving you a stuffed animal.


When spouses jointly own homes, each of them has the right to set up hidden cameras. These are often used by spouses who suspect their partner of infidelity.