How Can I View the Calls Made & Received for Last Month in Verizon Wireless?

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 18, 2017

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Verizon Wireless allows users to quickly retrieve a detailed summary of all cell phone activity including phone calls, text and data usage. You can view the last month’s call log by using Verizon’s online tools as well as retrieve call and text summaries of previous months.

Viewing 30 Day Call Log Through My Verizon

Verizon’s My Verizon section of the website allows users to view their usage which includes calls and texts made or received over a certain period of time. You can view the calls made and received for the past month in Verizon by navigating to “My Usage” and then “View Usage.” Select the phone line that you would like to view calls for and then click the “View minutes details” link. Click “View all” to see a detailed summary of all incoming or outgoing calls made since the beginning of your current 30 day billing cycle. Verizon allows you to download this call log as a spreadsheet by clicking the “Download as a spreadsheet” button.

Viewing Past Call Logs

Verizon’s My Verizon section also allows you to view previous 30 day billing cycles by clicking the “View previous cycles” link. Click the drop-down next to “My Bill” to select a previous cycle and then click the “Data, talk and text activity” link to view activity across all lines for the time period selected. Narrow it down to just one line’s call log by clicking the “Talk” link under “Activity” and then click the “View” link under “Talk log” to show the summary of calls made and received. Click “Download to spreadsheet” to download these calls as a spreadsheet.

Getting a PDF of Call Log

If the billing cycle is over and you would like to easily view a summary of all lines and calls made then downloading a PDF of your previous bill may be the best option. Click “My Billing” and then click “View Bill”. From there, click “View or Save Printable Bill (PDF)” to open the PDF of that previous cycle. The call log for each phone line is listed below that phone line’s summary in the PDF of the bill. The call log includes information such as the origination (location) of the call and the minutes used on the call.

Unknown or Unavailable Calls on the Call Log

Those hoping to see the number for unknown or unavailable calls on the call log may be disappointed as these are often not shown on either Verizon’s usage section or the PDF print out of the bill. Instead these numbers are almost always shown as Unavailable even on the bill. Exceptions to this may be numbers that are disguised using Android or iOS apps but not using the *67 identification deactivation method.