Can You Bump Your Posts on Craigslist?

By James Wright

Bumping your posts on Craigslist can give more visibility to your posts and more chances for success. When you bump a post, you send it to the top of the list so more people can see it without having to wade through pages of ads. While this practice is legitimate on Craigslist, there are certain restrictions and guidelines in place for its use and posts in general.

Bumping Rules

Many websites have rules regarding bumping to prevent people from spamming in an attempt to keep their posts at the very top. Craigslist's rule is that you can bump your post 48 hours after originally posting, and then 48 hours again after that. You can bump every 48 hours until your post expires in 30 days and is removed from the site automatically.

Bumping Free Posts

Bumping on Craigslist is made much easier if you have an account, which lists all your posts in all categories and gives you options for each one. To bump a post, access your account page, and then click "Renew" under the Manage category. This will only show up on posts that are able to be renewed. If you don't have an account, access the posting from the link you got in your email and click "Renew this Posting."

Bumping Paid Posts

The process for bumping paid posts is the same, but paid posts come with the option to repost each one. Reposting creates a duplicate of the original post while keeping the original there until it expires. However, you'll have to pay the posting fee again, so it's more cost effective to wait until the original is just about to expire.


While bumping is permissible, Craigslist doesn't allow you to post the same ad to multiple sections, and you can be blocked for attempting to do so. Bumping also doesn't extend the 30-day life period for posts, so regardless of whether you bump or not you'll have to recreate your post after a month. Also take care to read Craigslist's rules to find out what they do and don't allow, since some types of posts are expressly forbidden.