What Microsoft Programs Can Be Used to Make a Web Page?

by Katelyn Kelley

Microsoft makes several products that are capable of making a Web page. FrontPage is a popular Web-design tool, but it was discontinued in 2006. Many other Microsoft products now have Web capabilities.

Microsoft Expression Web

This product was announced as the replacement for FrontPage in 2006. It is a full-featured Web-editing tool with both HTML and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interfaces. It is only available for the Windows platform.

Microsoft Publisher

Publisher is a desktop-publishing tool for creating brochures and newsletters for print and Web publication. It has many Web-editing tools for creating Web pages. It is only available for Windows.

Microsoft Word

Word File Saved as a Web Page

Word is a word-processing program for both Macintosh and Windows. Any Word document can be saved in HTML format using the "Save As Web Page" command, and any graphics embedded in the Word document are exported as JPG, GIF or PNG files for uploading to the Web server with the HTML file.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Any PowerPoint presentation can be saved as a series of HTML Web pages with a simple "Save As" command. Slides are automatically linked to one another with hyperlinks.

Microsoft Excel

Excel spreadsheet and chart saved as a Web page

Excel is a spreadsheet program. All Excel files can be saved in HTML format using the "Save As" command and placed on a website for viewing. Spreadsheet data displays as HTML tables.

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