Can an Apple iPad Run Google Chrome?

by Robert Kingsley

Safari is a Web browser developed by Apple for use on its products. When you buy an iPad, it will be installed and set up as your default browser. However, just because you have an iPad doesn't mean you have to use Safari to go online. If you would rather use Google Chrome, there is a free app available in the App Store ready for you to download and install.


Tap the "App Store" icon from the Home screen of your iPad.


Tap the search bar in the top-right corner of the App Store and type "Chrome."


Tap "Chrome" from the results page.


Tap "Free" and then tap "Install" to download and install Chrome to your iPad. View the Chrome icon on your desktop to check on the progress of the download and installation.


Tap the "Chrome" icon from your Home screen after the installation is complete to use Chrome on your iPad.


  • check You'll need an Apple account to download apps from the App Store. You will likely have set one up while first configuring your iPad.
  • check This tutorial is for use with iPads running iOS 6.1 software. The process may vary with other versions of iOS.

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